About Albert Salinas

Hailing from the depths of south Texas, Albert traveled north to San Antonio where he received his B.A. in Marketing from UTSA. His growing interest in coding languages led him to specialize in digital marketing. Through his business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, he was introduced to life as a Leadhubbie and he never looked back.

What does Albert do for fun?
In his spare time, you can find Albert listening to music, playing guitar and schooling n00bz in Overwatch.

Favorite thing about Leadhub
“We’re all nerds (the coolest nerds)”

Something Leadhubbies never knew…
He was a vocalist of a metal band in his hometown called “Dead and Dreaming”.

Fun Facts

Favorite quote: “A society grows great men when old men plant trees whose shade they know shall never sit in.” -Greek proverb

Social media network of choice: Twitter

Pets: Tux the cat, his fur child who looks like he is always dressed in formal attire. Oh yeah, he’s not just sassy, he’s classy.

Biggest hero: Carl Sagan