About Grace Morton

What does Grace do for fun?
Grace’s favorite pastimes range from reading autobiographies to hiking at some of her favorite parks (all time favorite: Eagle’s Nest, Colorado, Texas favorite: Guadalupe State Park). She also loves to cook for friends and family – presenting new dishes is 70% of the fun for her. She’ll even occasionally drop by a friends house just to cook dinner for them! Grace has been playing piano since she was about 5 years old and picked up guitar around 14 years old, which she loves to play with friends. Grace is currently working on earning her Masters degree in Communication Studies at Texas State University!

Favorite thing about Leadhub
“So far, my favorite thing about Leadhub is how collaborative everyone is. I’ve never felt like I was just handed a huge project and was told to “sink or swim” – I always have people working with me to get the job done.”

Something Leadhubbies never knew…
“I race competitive women’s motocross

Fun Facts

Favorite quote: “If I fall it’ll be ’cause I jumped. If I jump it’ll be ’cause I’m reaching for the heights. If I hit the wall, it’ll be ’cause I ran, and if I run it’ll be because I don’t wanna waste my time.” – Thomston “The Heights”

Social media network of choice: Instagram!

Most unusual meal: “Rattlesnake Fillet (yes, it is what it sounds like)

Pets: “Not yet!

Biggest hero: “My dad, my grandpa, Condoleezza Rice, Robert Downey Jr.