About Lynsey Lamoureux

Lynsey is currently earning a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations and Mass Communication from Texas State University. Born and raised in San Antonio, she has always enjoyed exploring her city and the surrounding areas, especially if she can find a good spot to paddleboard or go horseback riding.

What does Lynsey do for fun?
Lynsey has a deep love of music – playing it, listening to it, basically, anything you can do with music is in this girl’s wheelhouse. She also is an avid paddleboarder, reader, home chef, cheesecake connoisseur and New Girl enthusiast. PR is a professional passion that she has found great success in, even being selected as the top PR student in her college in 2020! When she’s not slaying it in the office, you can find Lynsey spending time with her family and friends doing any (or all) of her favorite pastimes.

Favorite thing about Leadhub
“I love how welcoming and constructive the team is. From my first day as an intern, everyone has taught me so much and I feel like they really invested in my professional growth. Not to mention, it’s so fun to be on such a fun, closely-knit team!”

Something Leadhubbies never knew…
“I love horseback riding, but I never get to do it anymore.”


Favorite quote: “You could rattle the stars. You could do anything, if only you dared.” Sarah J. Maas

Social media network of choice: TikTok for viewing, Instagram for posting!

Pets: I don’t have any pets of my own, but my family has two dogs, Lani and Rico, and a cat, Ivy. My roommate has a cat too – Trouser!

Most unusual meal: “I’m not super adventurous, but calamari is odd…”

Biggest hero: “Elisa, the main character from one of my favorite books. She taught me to believe in my own power.”