About Sumner Gravely

Born and raised in San Antonio, Sumner moved to Waco, Texas to attend school at Baylor University where he earned his BBA in Management Information Systems, which satisfied his interest in and aptitude for technology. Shortly after moving back to San Antonio, he connected with Leadhub and began work on search engine optimization, formatting client reports and assisting his co-workers in retrieving things from high shelves.

What does Sumner do for fun?
When he’s not making slam dunks here at Leadhub, Sumner is either posting up on the basketball court, scoring goals on the soccer field or trying to ward off carpal tunnel while he plays Fortnite.

Favorite thing about Leadhub
“My favorite thing about Leadhub is the collaborative environment. Everyone in the office is working together to complete tasks for the client.”

Something Leadhubbies never knew…
Sumner has the uncommon ability to move his ears (without using his hands)!

Fun Facts

Favorite quote: “Dialogue, rather than mere information exchange, is how communication practices can enable creative and innovative solutions, and how collaboration participants can share power and negotiate contrasting agendas.”

Social media network of choice: “I’m not a huge social media guy anymore, so probably just Reddit because I don’t need to have an account.”

Most unusual meal: Carrots and peanut butter – this is a regular snack for Sumner

Pets: “I don’t have any pets…yet.”

Biggest hero: “My dad – Marc Gravely”