About Varyus Johnson

Born in Austin was constantly moving back and forth from Atlanta and San Antonio. He recently graduated with a B.A. in Marketing from Lamar University. He’s always been into the latest tech trends and later grew more interested in digital marketing.

What does Varyus do for fun?
When Varyus isn’t shooting hoops, he’s watching anime, playing a few video games, and listening to music.

Favorite thing about Leadhub:
The great team environment, everyone is welcoming and inviting.

Something the Leadhubbies don’t know about me:
He’s the creator and designer of his own clothing brand called “Lost In Yume”. He also collects more sneakers than he needs.


Favorite Quote: Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.” – Kevin Durant

Social media of choice: Instagram!

Most unusual meal: Goat (Wasn’t too bad)

Biggest hero(es): My parents.