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How to Separate Yourself From Tech on Vacation When You Work in Digital Marketing

By Leadhub
Posted on June 4th, 2019
picture of things you take on vacation
vacation In today’s world, it seems like we’re all constantly consumed by our phones or our computers, and we just can’t seem to get away from technology. If you work in digital marketing, it can be an even bigger struggle. Keep reading to check out a few tips on how to relax during your next vacation when you work in the digital marketing field. Schedule your work on Hootsuite Don’t get us wrong, we know that staying up to date on everything is a crucial part of digital marketing. But, you’re on vacation - so take a break. Setting up a calendar on Hootsuite so that you can schedule your posts on each social platform can help you stay organized and up to date on your posts. Your social platform audiences won’t know the difference between a real-time post and a scheduled one (for the most part), so don’t stress about it. Set limits on your tech time When you work in digital marketing, staying on top of your platforms and online work can seem like a 24/7 job. And when you’re on vacation, it can be stressful knowing that you aren’t constantly checking on your social networks, email and phone. But checking in on your platforms isn’t the problem - staying on them is. So give yourself time limits. You’ll only check your platforms in the morning and at night - or for an hour total each day. Whatever works best for you so can fully relax. Remember why you’re on vacation You didn’t go on vacation to be on your phone and stay caught up with work, right? You went on vacation to relax, spend time with your favorite people or to escape from reality for a bit. Remembering why you chose to leave home and work is important for remembering why you’re putting your phone up. Taking a break from the real world may even help you come back to work being more motivated. In fact, you may be ready to return to work by the time your vacation is over. The digital marketing field is full of quick changes and exciting news, so it can be hard to detach yourself from it for a bit. But if you set your mind to it, you can do it.
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