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How To Use Pinterest For Business

By Leadhub
Posted on August 20th, 2013
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Something that has always baffled me is the way Pinterest has been lumped into a ‘recreational-use only’ category by most business owners. Pinterest is a playground for consumers who love to plan, categorize, micromanage and shop online (complete with pictures!). Yet this fantastic marketing tool is often overlooked as an avenue for wedding planning, crafting and basically nothing else. That assumption couldn’t be more misguided. An easy way to describe its importance is by comparison. Let’s compare it to Facebook.

  • Most people consider Facebook a relevant marketing tool for any business (probably because it is).
  • One of the main goals of any post made to Facebook is for it to be seen and shared as often as possible.
  • The more viewers your post receives, the more possible conversions.

See and share, see and share... Why does that process seem so familiar? Oh, because it’s literally the only thing Pinterest is designed to do. Except, unlike sharing on Facebook, once repinned (shared), those posts are saved and organized where the user can view them again with ease whenever they want to.

More than 70 million people use Pinterest. That’s 70 million potential clients and customers. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling air conditioners or business solutions, you will have an audience on Pinterest. It’s a unique place where every topic of interest can be displayed to clients who didn’t even know they were looking for it.

Need more traffic driven to your website? Here’s an easy example of how Pinterest can work for you. Say you wrote a how-to blog for your service company’s website recently.

  • Upload a catchy image and your blog link to Pinterest.
  • Of those 70 million pinners, any DIYers with related problems could now be directed to your website.
  • That massive audience is important because when it views or shares your infographic, product or blog, more and more traffic will be generated to your website.
  • That traffic means a higher ranking in your local search engines. All it takes is a few shares on the ultimate sharing website!

Pinterest has come a long way for businesses. If the link value wasn’t enough, Rich Pins are out, showing availability, real-time pricing and where to buy. It makes it even easier to view and purchase anything pinners are interested in. On top of that, Pinterest introduced Pinterest Web Analytics that track which pins work for you and what types of clients are pinning them. With that information, you can discover what your clients are interested in and how to connect with them further.

If you are still unconvinced, I’ll finish things how I started, by comparing it to the social media giant, Facebook. According to Google Analytics, Pinterest is the top source of referral traffic for many of our clients, easily outshining both Google+ and Facebook. So what are you waiting for? Your conversions await. You know you’re pinterested.

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