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What is Keyword Marketing? Allow our Interns to Explain

By Leadhub
Posted on May 9th, 2017
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Every semester, Leadhub has a team of interns from Texas State University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication learn a very specific skill – keyword marketing. What better way to talk about the internship program, however, than to allow the interns to speak for themselves? Here are some of their thoughts on keyword marketing, in general, and the things they learned during their semester with us at Leadhub.

What is keyword marketing?

Kiersten Ehr, senior: Keyword marketing is a method of advertising using search engine optimization with specific keywords that will help a client reach its desired audience.

Taylor Summer, senior: Keyword marketing is content put on websites to generate more traffic to the site based on a wider range of topics. Example: I wrote an article about split ends and included a water softener system in it for a water softener company. So when people search split ends, there is a better chance of the water softener company popping up in search results.

Taylor Martz, junior: Keyword marketing is the repeated use of certain words or phrases with the goal of making your content a top option when those words are searched for in search engines.

Kaylee Sullivan, junior: Keyword marketing is creating content that strategically uses words or phrases to increase a site’s ranking on Google. Keywords are word that people would commonly type into a search that would lead them to a particular site. By incorporating these keywords into blog articles, ads and webpages, a client can organically increase its ranking on Google.

Why is this valuable to clients?

Taylor Martz: Keyword content is valuable to our clients because it helps their possible customers or clients find their websites and articles with ease. Keywords also make it very clear the main idea or topic of an article or blog post.

Taylor Summer: This is valuable for clients because it allows their product to be seen by not only more people but also a wider range of people.

Kaylee: It is important for clients to use keyword marketing because it is the best way to organically increase their rankings on Google. By increasing your rank on Google, your site will have a higher placement in the search results which leads to more page visits.

Kiersten: Keyword marketing is valuable to clients because it helps them boost their campaigns, websites, blogs and business to their clienteles.

What did you get out of your internship?

Kaylee: This internship allowed me to create a wide variety of samples of work that I can use when applying for jobs in the future. Not only did it increase the amount of content I produced but it also increased the quality. Each week Dale returned an edited version of my work so that I now have a large file of quality writing samples.

Taylor Summer: My writing skills have improved so much over this semester. At the beginning, I was thinking there's no way I can write about all these topics. By about a month into it, I noticed how easy the articles were becoming, and I looked forward to them every week. I now have an entire folder full of writing samples that I can show any future employer.

Kiersten: I felt that I gained many valuable skills in this internship. I learned my strengths in writing, grammar and punctuation. I learned how important it is to pay attention to detail, word count and writing in a consistent voice. I also learned how to write for different clients in different states that have different messages they want to include in their blog posts. I learned how important deadlines are. I developed my knowledge on researching for specific topics based on different keywords. I honestly learned a lot about topics that I didn’t have much prior knowledge on, such as plumbing, water softeners, air conditioning, apartment hunting, etc.

Taylor Martz: From this internship, I learned how to utilize keywords in the creation of content for a variety of clients. Not only did I learn more about writing blog posts and articles on a deadline, but with those articles I learned about a range of new topics and issues that I previously did not know much about. I experienced researching, writing and putting emphasis on keywords, which are all valuable skills to know for the future.

Would you recommend this internship to other students and why?

Taylor Summer: I would definitely recommend this internship. Writing is the one of the most important skills ANYONE can have for ANY job. Being able to write well will get you the furthest in life. I used examples of work from this internship at every interview I went to. It is very impressive to be able to write about such a wide range of topics and meet deadlines every week.

Kaylee: I would absolutely recommend this internship to other students because it kept me practicing my writing each week. It was rewarding in the way that I could feel my writing improve each week. It is a great way to gain experience with keyword marketing and create samples of work that will be useful in the future.

Kiersten: I think that this is great for anyone who wants to improve their experience in writing, keyword marketing, time management, grammar, punctuation and overall internship experience. This internship can be doable if someone has a busy school schedule and work schedule.

Taylor Martz: I gained a lot of knowledge and experience about keyword content creation, but it was not overwhelming for me to keep up with while I was simultaneously taking 15 hours of class. This is a great internship to have, especially if you’re currently in university trying to keep up with a large workload.

We want to thank this latest round of interns! They're amazing - and you should hire them! Click the links above to find them on LinkedIn.

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