Experience the Hub

Here at Leadhub, we believe that a supportive, trustworthy team is the best way to challenge our professional achievement. We aren’t just dedicated to our clients, we’re committed to each other. All of our team members pair great senses of humor with creativity to find the best solutions for our clients, but we also have a great time inside and outside of work. 


The Leadhub team works hard to provide our clients with the ultimate online experience, and that can only happen if we invest in the right people. We continuously push ourselves — not only to deliver high standards of work — but to reach back and lift up the next generation of marketing professionals.


Several of our team members started their experience at Leadhub as interns before they were hired into full-time positions. Unlike some agencies, we understand the value of interns’ work, time and contributions to our company. That’s why we work to provide an experience that allows interns to grow as professionals, and we’re constantly looking for future Leadhubbies among our interns.


LEAD U: A Different Kind of Internship

As an Hubprentice with Leadhub, you should be ready to LEAD: learn, experience, achieve and develop. We want your time with our team to be productive and positive for all parties involved. We are looking for Hubsters who are willing to challenge themselves, take feedback constructively and be open to learning as much as possible. If you want to apply your skills to a real-world scenario and watch your work contribute to client success, you’re in the right place!

Internship Options

Valuable Knowledge & Lasting Connections

LEAD U is all about setting you on the right path for success in a professional environment. Our interns learn and practice valuable skills that will help them as they begin their careers. Plus, you'll receive a portfolio of all your work at the end of your internship to use for future opportunities. We consider each and every intern an investment and potential future team member. More importantly, though, we want our interns to be successful wherever they end up -- whether they become a Leadhubbie or not!

Hear from former Hubprentices

“My favorite part about this internship was how convenient it was to do it on our own time. I’ve never had an internship like that before and, truthfully, I really enjoyed it. I loved writing articles for different companies about several different topics each week and learned so many things I had no idea about!”

Peyton Planchard — 2017 Intern

“Having to adapt and research for each assignment, I not only improved my skills but my general knowledge. I now feel like I have helpful tidbits of information that I can use in real life as well as in my work.”

Andrea Ramirez — 2017 Intern

“This internship is great for students with large workloads. Interns have time to complete tasks and can follow a flexible schedule. Ultimately, Leadhub has been a positive experience, and I would recommend it to any student hoping for an internship with flexibility, products for a portfolio and writing development.”

Marissa Ferguson — 2017 Intern

"I loved working with Leadhub! Everyone was so nice and welcoming and always willing to help you if you needed it. They give you a workload that you feel comfortable working with while also being very flexible if you're a student or working elsewhere. I highly recommend working with Leadhub if you get the chance!"

Carson Ingram — 2021 Intern

"It’s so cool to see how much the program at Leadhub has changed and improved! I love that there’re so many more resources available for the incoming interns to go out into the real world with. I truly feel like this is the best place for someone who wants to get into the world of digital marketing!"

Cailey Craig — 2019 Intern, Current Brand Coordinator

"Interning with Leadhub was one of the best career moves I ever made. Not only did I learn valuable SEO skills, but I also became a stronger writer. The connections I made at Leadhub allowed me to get a foot in the door and now I work here full time as a Brand Manager. I get up every day excited to go to work and so grateful I interned with Leadhub."

Katie Stone — 2018 Intern, Current Brand Manager