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Pavlo Ivenanko

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Pavlo, originally from Ukraine, Kyiv, moved to San Antonio, TX all by himself when he was 18 y.o. to search for his American Dream, which he found in the marketing field. Pavlo’s passion for business began when he was 16 years old when he and a friend began fixing computers for people across the city. While his friend was fixing the tech, Pavlo constantly advertised repair services via social media, print, and word of mouth. When Pavlo began his journey in the US, he implemented the marketing skills that made him a successful salesman in photography, logistics, and renewable energy industries. After five years of being a salesman, he decided to lean into the advertising business. He attended the University of Texas at Austin to become a PPC Specialist. After graduation, he started doing paid media advertising for the clients in B2C and B2B sectors. He connected his clients with various companies including Fortune 500, which made him fall in love with marketing even more!


Pavlo loves to get his adrenaline pumping! In wintertime, you can catch him skiing in Colorado and throughout the year, you can find him at the bars with his friends watching boxing or MMA. He also likes to watch old-school movies, travel, and contribute his time to any social cause.

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