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Leadhub Wins 2023 Yelp Award for Best in Lead Generation

By Leadhub
Posted on November 10th, 2023
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The Yelp Advertising Partner Award For Best In Lead Generation

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, where innovation and results speak louder than buzzwords, we’re thrilled to announce that Leadhub has been awarded the first-ever Yelp Advertising Partner Award (YAPA) for Best in Lead Generation. We were also recognized as a finalist for Yelp Partner of the Year.

It’s truly an honor to be recognized by Yelp, a powerhouse in lead generation in the trades industry. However, these recognitions are more than just awards for our team. 

Our mission has always been rooted in a dedication to getting our clients what matters most to them: leads and revenue. By working with the Yelp platform to produce more quality leads more efficiently than ever before, we successfully fuel our clients’ growth. 

When we say “marrying marketing and operations”, those aren’t just catchy words. We live and work by them — which makes earning the award for lead generation that much more impactful to us. After all, we are Leadhub!

Supercharge Your Yelp Ads Performance

Leadhub’s Yelp Innovation: LeadReply

In the past year alone, Leadhub has worked above and beyond to understand how we can make our marketing strategies on Yelp more effective. We developed and implemented the first AI-powered autoresponder for Yelp leads, called LeadReply, which significantly decreases the rate of missed leads. It also allows our clients to invest in customer interaction instead of acquisition

We’ve documented several case studies that not only support the increased drive of Yelp leads to home services companies but shatter the expectations for lead gen. 

For example, a long-time plumbing client with otherwise healthy performance in San Francisco, CA experienced a staggering 825% increase in leads generated in a 30 day span.

Plumbing Company Case Study on Yelp Lead Generation

Supercharge Your Yelp Ads Performance

An HVAC, plumbing and electrical client located in Los Angeles, CA integrated LeadReply, increasing their lead generation by 201% in the first 30 days — which equated to over 360 leads.

Accurate HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical - Home Services Company Case Study on Yelp Lead Generation

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

What’s Next For Leadhub And Yelp?

In addition to honing our current Yelp management services, Leadhub will soon release a one-of-a-kind integration to push Yelp messages directly into home service CRMs like ServiceTitan.

This integration will allow home service companies to further streamline their lead generation process and improve their customer experience by managing Yelp messages directly in their CRM. Our approach to lead generation involves utilizing the power and integrity of the Yelp platform in partnership with our intense knowledge of the trades industry to drive qualified leads to our clients — and make it easy to convert those leads.

Leadhub Celebrates Excellence In Home Service Marketing

With our focus on securing high-quality leads in the most efficient and effective ways, Leadhub proves that marrying marketing and operations is the most effective strategy for lead generation in the home services industry. We humbly accept the recognition of our hard work from Yelp and vow to keep pushing the envelope to get our clients the very best results.

Leadhub’s attention to the factors that push the needle for our clients and our commitment to innovation in the marketing sphere continue to create real change for home service companies. Our clients’ wins are our wins — it’s that simple.

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