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Email Marketing

Leadhub puts the right content in front of the right people at the exact right moment. Targeted email campaigns easily produce and retain leads by building relationships and strategically sharing your message with your customers.

Are Email Campaigns Effective?

Email campaigns are consistently ranked as one of the top-performing kinds of digital content — over 65% of businesses use email marketing to communicate with and engage customers. When done correctly, an email marketing strategy can be one of the most productive sources of lead generation for your home service company.

Emails can be used to customize the buyer’s journey and appeal to specific audiences with information that pertains to them. Now more than ever, customers want to choose how prepared they are to purchase products and services. With a team like ours on your side, we’ll be able to analyze open rates, click-through rates and engagement with your email campaigns. Then we’ll revolutionize your strategy!

The Key To Email Marketing

Traditional forms of marketing cast a wide net, hoping that somewhere in their audience there’s a customer in need of their services. That’s why you also need a focused strategy that pinpoints your audience for leads in services that they’re already showing interest in. Our email campaigns are only sent to recipients who have opted in to receive emails and are in your customer database already. That means the audience you’re filtering through for leads has already met relevant criteria, increasing the number of qualified leads you get from just a few campaigns.

The Home Services Email Playbook

Email marketing helps you maintain communication with your customers even after the service call is completed. Email drip campaigns are designed to:

  • Keep current customers engaged and informed of the next steps
  • Re-engage customers who have not responded
  • Contact customers who have denied service in the past
  • Check back with past customers to strengthen their relationship with your company.

If you want to minimize wasted opportunities and capitalize on every customer relationship, you need a team that understands the ins and outs of email marketing in the home services industry.

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Industry Specific Integrations For A
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At Leadhub, we’re not marketing generalists, we’re marketing specialists! That means we use every tool at our disposal to make your marketing strategies fine-tuned and focused for your industry. With dynamic technology and premier platforms, we’re able to analyze and develop bold methods that perform for your business.
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