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Video Ads Designed For Streaming

OTT Advertising

More than 80% of U.S. households use at least one streaming platform. OTT ads put your services in front of the homeowners that need you!

Capture Audience Attention

If your audience spends hours of their time streaming content on media platforms, you should be there too! The average person streams 1-3 hours of content every day. When those viewers are watching or listening to long-form content, they’re more likely to watch short commercials and hear audio ads as well. It’s time to take advantage of engaged attention spans and make sure your services are front and center.

Break Free Of Traditional Media

One of the primary perks of over-the-top media is it circumvents some of the constraints of traditional commercials. There are no more fights with TV stations for commercial slots — you simply rise above that mess and put your video content in front of prospects that need your services. OTT advertising for home services is an easy, effective option to secure your customers’ focus for a few valuable minutes.

Earn Quality Leads and Brand Awareness

While local TV spots and radio stations reach a wide audience, there’s no custom control over who sees that video content. OTT ads create hundreds of opportunities for audience customization. Working with the PPC strategy, your OTT audience can reflect your ideal customer profile. Each lead you receive from your OTT ads will be higher quality, saving you money and procuring you leads that convert.

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