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How a Well Designed Mobile Site Can Get You More Leads

By Leadhub
Posted on March 23rd, 2022
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When you’re paying someone to build a new website for your home service business, it’s always exciting to see what it looks like on the giant monitor on your desk. You can sit back and marvel at the beauty of that new product, moving your mouse around to check out all the bells and whistles incorporated into the design.

There’s a problem, though. Your customers likely don’t feel the same.

What does that mean? Simply put – your website must be optimized for mobile. While it’s still okay to admire your new website on a big monitor, what it looks like on the small screen is actually more important.

Here are five ways a well-designed mobile site can enhance your home services marketing efforts and get you more leads.

1. Google Cares

Need we say more? Google prioritizes mobile experience in ranking. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, that UX is obviously going to suffer – along with your spot on the SERPs.

2. Site Speed

One of the key factors with mobile user experience is load time. When someone comes to your site, it needs to load quickly. On mobile, this is a must - no matter if the user is on data or Wi-Fi. The more optimized and faster your site, the better chance of conversions.

3. Legibility

Have you ever visited a site on your phone and noticed something is just … off? Things are in the wrong place. You might have to scroll to see the entire site. This is a problem with legibility. Just because you have a great website on a big monitor doesn’t mean it automatically transfers to the size of a mobile screen. Mobile optimization solves this problem by making sure every aspect of your site is showing up in the right place for the user.

4. Simple Navigation

You must make it as easy as possible for a mobile user to navigate your site and find where they want to go. This requires a mobile-friendly menu, above all else. The less time users spend guessing what they’re supposed to do on your site, the more time they spend on being converted.

5. Ease of Use 

You want your mobile website to mirror the typical user experience on that device. What actions do they typically take on their phones? Build those into the site – like swipe functionality, for instance. In addition, lean into these mobile-friendly actions. This might show up by prioritizing click-to-call instead of asking a mobile user to submit a form. (We all know how annoying those form submissions are on our phones.)

Here at Leadhub, the sites we build for home service companies are designed to work great on mobile from the very start. If a client has specific mobile needs or opportunities, we can always customize with specificity. Ready for a website you know will convert on mobile? Contact Leadhub today to set up a free discovery call.

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