About Brendan McBrien

What does Brendan do for fun?
Born in Indiana and raised in Oregon, Brendan moved to Boston for college then down to San Antonio after graduation. He is an avid songwriter and musician. Musical instruments are essential in the McBrien household – piano, guitar, if it makes sounds, Brendan will play it. When he’s not working, Brendan and his wife enjoy hiking Texas trails, playing with their dog Roland, and watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Favorite thing about Leadhub

“I’d say the culture of constant learning. Everyone seems to want to better themselves in all sorts of ways. Bright people making themselves brighter every day. Good stuff!

Something Leadhubbies never knew…

“I took a year of tap dance in high school.”

Fun Facts

Favorite quote: “Think globally, act locally”

Social media network of choice: Instagram

Most unusual meal: Escamoles

Pets: “Roland! He’s a three-year-old mutt that we met at a shelter in New Hampshire.”

Biggest hero: Stevie Wonder