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CPL Management

Unlock a steady stream of high-quality leads through expertly managed CPL advertising.

Cost-Effective Lead Generation For Home Services

In the competitive home services market, a consistent flow of leads is vital for sustaining and growing your business and brand. At Leadhub, our team specializes in managing cost-per-lead (CPL) advertising campaigns across platforms frequented by homeowners, ensuring your services reach those actively searching for home improvement pros like you. By leveraging our expertise in CPL advertising, you can maximize your advertising spend and generate high-quality homeowner leads that convert into paying projects.

Mastering Platforms Like Angi, HomeAdvisor and Thumbtack

Our team has cultivated an in-depth understanding of lead generation powerhouses like Angi (formerly Angie’s List), HomeAdvisor and Thumbtack — platforms where homeowners go to find reliable home service providers.

We know the intricacies of advertising on each inside and out, allowing us to create compelling campaigns that showcase your services persuasively. Advertising on Thumbtack versus Angi requires a specific strategy. We ensure you’re able to advertise on HomeAdvisor, Angi or any CPL platform you want. From optimized ad creatives to precise audience targeting and budget management, we handle every facet to ensure your CPL advertising delivers maximum impact and ROI.

Data-Driven Home Services Marketing For Proven Results

Our CPL advertising strategies are built on a foundation of data-driven insights. We leverage advanced analytics tools to continually monitor and optimize your campaigns based on real-time performance data. Our team provides regular reporting so you stay informed on lead volumes, costs and conversion rates. This data-driven approach ensures your advertising spend is continually refined to keep delivering a steady stream of qualified homeowner leads that propel your home services business forward.

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Industry Specific Integrations For A
More Powerful Result

At Leadhub, we’re not marketing generalists, we’re marketing specialists! That means we use every tool at our disposal to make your marketing strategies fine-tuned and focused for your industry. With dynamic technology and premier platforms, we’re able to analyze and develop bold methods that perform for your business.
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