About Megan Colson

After finishing school at Texas State University, Megan moved to San Antonio and began teaching. She spent the a couple of years working with children as a preschool teacher before turning her interests to marketing. In her free time, Megan enjoys gardening, swimming, going on walks with her husband and dogs and keeping up with the latest Netflix fads.

What does Megan do for fun?
When she’s not at work, Megan can be found writing, reading or having brunch at her favorite San Antonio restaurant, Cappy’s (all in one day if she’s lucky).

Favorite thing about Leadhub
“All the people and the company culture – everyone is so welcoming, friendly and helpful!”

Something Leadhubbies never knew…
Megan has had the opportunity to do quite a bit of international travel but, ironically, hasn’t done nearly the same amount of domestic travel; she’s been to more countries than states!

Fun Facts

Favorite quote: “Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.” – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Social media network of choice: Instagram

Most unusual meal: Escargot

Pets: “We have two dogs, Ollie and Pippa. They’re both lovable, goofy mutts who we’re so glad found their way to us.”

Biggest Hero: “My parents; from day 1 they’ve been my unwavering foundation. They’ve always encouraged me to be and do my best and, when necessary, have been brutally honest.”

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