About Mitchell Coker

Mitchell is a recent grad from Texas State University where he earned his degree in Digital Media Innovation with a minor in Business. Before joining the Leadhub team as our full-time Brand Coordinator, Mitchell was a remote intern who helped our Social Media Manager Kara manage our client’s social media platforms. Originally from Mineral Wells, TX, he’s excited to learn and grow professionally in his first post-grad position in a new city.

What does Mitchell do for fun?
When Mitchell’s not here at the Hub, he loves to explore Texas breweries, play any contact sport he can, or go hiking and camping with his girlfriend and 2 dogs, Bo and Windy.

Favorite thing about Leadhub
“I love how friendly everyone is, seriously, from top to bottom everyone is so nice!”

Something Leadhubbies never knew…
“I played rugby in college… For a season.”

Fun Facts

Favorite quote: “When eating an elephant take one bite at a time.” – Creighton Abrams

Social media network of choice: “I use Instagram the most”

Most unusual meal: “Wild Boar, Quail or Venison. Not that unusual down here in Texas.”

Pets: Husky mix named Bo and a Dachshund named Windy.

Biggest hero: “My Dad.”