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Leadhub Intern Success Stories

By Leadhub
Posted on December 12th, 2017
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Leadhub loves our hard-working interns. In addition to in-house interns from San Antonio’s universities, we also feature a team of 3-4 content marketing interns from Texas State University in San Marcos. Here’s what a few of them had to say about their time with Leadhub this semester. Peyton Planchard I learned so much from this internship this semester and am very thankful for the opportunity. One thing I learned about is the importance of using keywords for a website and for a company. I learned that I’m a lot more creative than I thought I was and how to incorporate keywords into an article without stuffing and using them too often. I also took a lot from the feedback every week and improved my writing and grammar skills. Keyword marketing is important for brands because the more keywords they use, the more likely someone is to click on their website or article and read it. Using keywords also allows you to see how much competition there is for that keyword online. My favorite part about this internship was how convenient it was to do it on our own time. I’ve never had an internship like that before and, truthfully, I really enjoyed it. I loved writing articles for different companies about several different topics each week and learned so many things I had no idea about! Andrea Ramirez During my time as an intern for Leadhub, I learned many new things and improved existing skills. As far as learning goes, I learned: - how to prioritize my own time to reach deadlines. I saw the importance of time management and how it can be reflected in your work. - how to be a better writer to create content for different articles and. This overall helped me improve my writing skills as they evolved. Being assigned different clients each week with varying topics research played a key role in my writing. Learning how to examine each existing blog and company, as well those related, helped me further my knowledge in the topics as well as improve the information provided in each blog post. Using Basecamp as a means of communication, I was able to see first hand how a larger marketing company communicates within itself and distributes work. - the importance of keyword placement and use as it was the starting point for each assignment. Keyword marketing is important for brands to help improve search engine optimization. The placement and use of the keywords, without overkill, can potentially help bring content up first, beating out competitors when searching online. This also aids with brand recognition, since associated keywords ultimately bring your information to the consumer at the right time. My favorite part about this internship was the opportunity to create content for such a wide variety of companies across the map. Having to adapt and research for each assignment, I not only improved my skills but my general knowledge. I now feel like I have helpful tidbits of information that I can use in real life as well as in my work. While I may not be writing for an extermination company, apartment locator or weight loss service forever, I was still able to gain useful information and new insights into this type of work. Marissa Ferguson Leadhub has allowed me to utilize and practice my writing skills for a variety of topics. Blog posts are to be informative, yet fun in nature, and this internship has allowed me to practice this niche. This internship is great for students with large workloads. Interns have time to complete tasks and can follow a flexible schedule. Professor Blasingame is quick to reply to emails, encouraging and always willing to answer questions. Ultimately, Leadhub has been a positive experience, and I would recommend it to any student hoping for an internship with flexibility, products for a portfolio and writing development. Great job to all of our interns, and we wish them the best of luck as they start that job search! We hope you put the skills you learned this semester to good use. Hey companies – hire them! Let me know if you need a recommendation.
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