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Leadhub: Your Full-Service Marketing Partner

By Leadhub
Posted on March 30th, 2023
banner showing a commercial shoot with text that says "Leadhub: your full-service marketing partner"

It’s official. We’re full-service. 

For more than a decade, Leadhub branded ourselves as a “digital marketing agency” – but no longer. We’re formally changing our core focus to be a full-service marketing agency for home service companies with partnerships that can accommodate all marketing needs of our clients.

“In the past, we were kept in a ‘digital box’ instead of assisting with strategy across all marketing channels,” said Ben Hubbert, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer at Leadhub. “We are seeing invoice data and real-time results and can offer incredible intel on marketing outside of the digital scope.”

Early on, Leadhub focused exclusively on SEO and PPC advertising. However, we’ve seen much greater success helping contracting companies grow when we’ve been able to leverage first-party data, work with the operations teams and synergize marketing efforts with drip sequences, traditional campaigns and content creation. When you combine that with a network of strategic partners, the unique advantage and brand DNA is able to be extracted  — and the vision really comes to life.

In reality, this comprehensive marketing strategy has actually been in use with many of our clients for quite a while now. The branding change is just to clarify what Leadhub already does and what we’re capable of doing in the home services marketing sphere.

“Our ultimate goal is to work with our clients to grow their brands, and we understand their needs go beyond the digital space,” said Maria Gil, Brand Lead at Leadhub. “As their marketing partner, it only made sense for us to provide a one-stop-shop experience where they have peace of mind that our strategies will generate the expected results.”

We Dropped The “Digital” So We Can Offer More

Why does taking one word out of our branding matter? Because it changes the game for all of our clients.

Home service companies oftentimes experience a disconnect between their traditional and digital marketing efforts — but there doesn’t have to be! Here at Leadhub, we pride ourselves in marrying marketing and operations. That means ALL your marketing, not just some of it. To ensure that partnerhsip is healthy, we help develop your brand strategy, build a marketing plan that’s personalized to complement each channel and have a direct relationship with local media buyers.

The Truth Behind Traditional Marketing

There’s a flaw in the current, traditional marketing process – the traditional folks are also selling digital. Oftentimes, clients sign up for digital promotions without fully understanding what they’re buying. 

For instance, we recently had a client with a $20,000/month marketing budget that was upsold by a local TV station. Instead of just buying $8,000 in TV ads, the client agreed to buy $8,000 in OTT ads, as well. That left only $4,000 for pay-per-click ads, Google Local Services ads and social media ads. 

From the outside looking in, this may appear to be a strong budget – but depending on your marketing goals OTT should likely never be more than 10% of your monthly spend. The TV station saw an opportunity and sold the client more than they needed without having an accountability of the results.

We Put YOUR Needs First

This particular decision to trust a traditional marketing team with digital strategy caused a drop for our client in Leadhub’s three primary KPIs (revenue, leads and costs per lead). We don’t want this to happen for our clients – and we can prevent it. That’s one of the motivations behind this update to Leadhub’s core focus.

“This change is a big deal,” said Aaron Watters, Leadhub’s CEO. “At Leadhub, we’re accountable for our clients’ revenue growth. In order to be accountable, we want to work with our clients’ local buyers – not against them.”

Our team has the expertise in digital marketing strategy, and now we can fully capitalize on your traditional marketing needs as well — without sacrificing growth in either area!

Trust Leadhub For ALL Your Marketing Endeavours

Calling ourselves a full-service marketing agency reflects that Leadhub’s marketing solutions are a comprehensive approach, hitting all mediums at our disposal for unique initiatives. We’ve built a strategic alliance of partners to extend our offerings and increase our depth of knowledge – all for the benefit of our clients.

“This more accurately reflects the solutions we offer and why positioning ourselves as the hub for all things marketing in the home service vertical is on our roadmap,” said Ryan Schilling, Leadhub’s Chief Experience Officer.

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