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SEO Strategies for 2013

By Leadhub
Posted on June 24th, 2013
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With the recent launch of Penguin 2.0 (Google's latest algorithm update), we find ourselves moving away from pure link building at a fast pace. We're not abandoning link building like a sinking ship, but we do need to re-evaluate Internet marketers SEO strategies in the past. Google's been very clear about what it wants Internet marketing companies to focus on: Quality content generation, user experience and social media.

Quality Content Generation

I thoroughly enjoy hearing someone relate quality content generation to the Field of Dreams: If you write it, they will come! Sorry, but I'm not sold on that just yet. Quality content needs to be placed on a quality site, and traffic needs to be sent via social media, outbound email marketing and link building (I strongly recommend guest posting on related blog sites in order to gain a larger audience).

User Experience

A website's site speed can have a devastating impact on a slow website. Conversely, if your website is already loading at an average speed, its not likely to give you a big boost even if you speed it up a little.

When a visitor gets to your website, what do they do? Google wants to make sure it sent the visitor to the best site for his or her query. If users quickly leave or bounce, you may be affected in the search results.

Make sure your aren't repeating the same keywords over and over in your content. Is this really helpful to the user? If your home page says "Dallas Hotel" or "San Antonio SEO Company" 30 times in the content (depending on the ratio of keyword to overall text), it’s likely Google will hit you with a keyword-stuffing penalty.

Social Media

Google wants to know if people are talking about you. If people share your Facebook post (which includes a link back to your website), then Google is going to give your site more attention than your competitor who has yet to setup their Facebook Page (or doesn't update it).

Google will take in to account traffic from Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Make sure your accounts are set up, but don't forget about your profile. Keep it updated!

Integrate social media into your website for social sharing and follower counts. Let people know you are active in your social efforts!

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