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ServiceTitan Unveils How Data And AI Will Change The Home Services Industry

By Leadhub
Posted on April 28th, 2022
ServiceTitan Pantheon 2022 purple graphic

Pantheon 2022 was all about the data and ServiceTitan’s newest addition Titan Intelligence (ti): AI for the Trades.

At Pantheon 2022, ServiceTitan answered one of the most popular questions home service operators ask: What should I charge for a diagnostic service call?

According to ServiceTitan’s VP of Customer Experience, Tom Howard, it’s definitely not $0. Booking rates go up when you charge something versus nothing for a diagnostic service call according to Howard. 

So, what should you charge if you’re in HVAC, Plumbing, Pest Control or Electrical to increase your booking rate no matter your company size? 

It is $89. You could charge less but there is no statistical difference between $1 and $89 for small companies, and anything outside of that for mid-size and large companies there is a booking rate drop between 2 and 8 percent. 

This $89 diagnostic service fee insight is backed by the data collected from its over 7,500 users across multiple home services that ServiceTitan has been collecting for years. 

Insights like this are just the start after ServiceTitan announced Titan Intelligence (ti).

ServiceTitan: Titan Intelligence (ti)

“Titan Intelligence is the single most important way ServiceTitan plans to help contractors win over the next decade,” said Vahe Kuzoyan in a ServiceTitan blog revealing the company’s next big move to help their customers. 

More specifically, Titan Intelligence (ti) is harnessing all the data and insight the company has collected and turning it into actionable ways to help operators. The main features of Titan Intelligence (ti) announced were:

The Benchmark Report powered by ti

This report will give you insight into where you are performing relative to competitors in your region. Is your business top-ranked in revenue growth? The Benchmark Report will answer this question. 

Price Insights 

Are you charging too much or too little? Available through Pricebook Pro, Price Insights is a feature will give it’s users insights on the best price to charge for services in their region. 

Marketing Pro Ads (Beta) 

Marketers can now sync their ServiceTitan accounts with Google Ads and will have access to an Ads Optimizer tool. From impressions through to revenue ServiceTitan promises to connect the dots. 

Smart Dispatch (Beta) 

A machine learning dispatch tool that will help assign technicians for jobs using geographical zones, skills, drive time, and technician’s sales performance to help save time and maximize revenue. 

The Next Frontier with Smart Data Insights

This is just the start for ServiceTitan when it comes to data and AI. The company promises to continue to develop Titan Intelligence tools using data and AI to help their customers grow their home service business. 

During Sr. Director of Product Management Deanna Kawasaki’s keynote “Powering Success with Data & AI,” she outlined how ServiceTitan has big plans for the future. Kawasaki described how the company will use data to address issues like labor shortage, supply chain, and pricing with insights on technician retention, demand prediction, and dynamic pricing.

Armed with these types of insights, ServiceTitan users will have a competitive advantage over others if they know how to put them to work.

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