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Leadhub is a ServiceTitan Certified Marketing Provider

By Leadhub
Posted on June 8th, 2022
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At Leadhub, we strive to make powerful partnerships, pursue industry-specific knowledge and offer the best in marketing to our clients. We know that many marketing agencies talk some big talk when they promise to bring your company to new heights — when we make promises, we follow through on them. That’s why our team continually searches for ways to master the trades industry and provide premier services to our clients.

ServiceTitan is of the same mind. After identifying a gap with their customers not having the knowledge to pursue services that could benefit their businesses, ServiceTitan knew they could help. The ServiceTitan Certified Provider Program was developed to connect business owners who need knowledge with experts that can apply the ServiceTitan software to their specific needs.

After completing rigorous testing to prove our expertise with ServiceTitan, Leadhub is proud to have earned the ServiceTitan Certified Provider and Certified Marketer status. Keep reading to learn more about this program and how Leadhub’s proven experience with ServiceTitan will bring new opportunities to set our clients apart from the competition.

What’s The ServiceTitan Certified Provider Program?

Well known in the trades industry for its powerful dispatching software and suite of tools, ServiceTitan also connects business owners with resources and services that can help their companies grow. When a business owner needs knowledge or help with a certain aspect of their company, ServiceTitan can match business owners with a ServiceTitan Certified Provider (STCP) that has expertise in that area. But they don’t want to recommend partners in coaching, marketing, managing or accounting that aren’t 100% worth their salt.

That’s where the STCP Program comes in.

The STCP Program allows subject matter experts that utilize ServiceTitan regularly — and have mastered its potential for home services companies — to participate in a series of tests to prove their mettle. The certification consists of 27 tests, each more challenging than the last, that assess the high knowledge required to provide recommendations to other companies about using the software.

According to ServiceTitan’s Program Director, they specifically set the bar high to find the very best partners for ServiceTitan users to connect with. They want to know that every professional with this prestigious accreditation provides quality services and is “the real deal”.

With 10 years of experience utilizing this all-in-one business software solution, Leadhub takes ServiceTitan’s Certified Provider Program seriously. After completing all the tests and quizzes required for the certification, Leadhub can attest to the rigor and precision demanded of every STCP.

Leadhub’s New Superpowers

By achieving this partnership with such a powerful field service software, our team now has access to exclusive opportunities with ServiceTitan.

Any new features of the software will be rolled out to us first, giving us the unique chance to test, learn about and evaluate the direction ServiceTitan is growing. With Leadhub helping to shape the very software our clients rely on, we can have a bigger impact on the efficiency of business operations.

We’ll also secure premier training materials from ServiceTitan, ensuring our knowledge is always cutting-edge and up to date. Our questions and queries will be answered by priority support, allowing us to fix problems and find solutions much quicker.

We Set Our Standards High — For Our Clients

What does all of this mean for our clients? Our team is more capable than ever to help you maximize your operational success using ServiceTitan. With faster, more precise strategies, the customer data you have access to will customize your marketing solutions every step of the way.

When we say partners, we mean partners. Our team goes the extra mile to make connections and offer revolutionary solutions to every aspect of your ServiceTitan experience. If you need better visibility, we know how to get it. If you want to capitalize on your CRM information, we know exactly how to do so. We have our fingers on the pulse of the trades industry, and we’re dedicated to using our knowledge to help business owners find massive success.

Knowledge Is Power — And We’re Plugged In

The power of having a CRM that helps manage your customers, reach and data is invaluable. Being able to leverage that data is even more powerful. Leadhub offers a wealth of knowledge and experience using field service software like ServiceTitan to transform our clients’ operations.

If you’re ready to get started with CRM software, set up a discovery call with us today.

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