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Leadhub’s Geo Profitability Score (GPS) Report

By Leadhub
Posted on October 31st, 2022
leadhub geo profitability score example

Leadhub has created and launched a new tool, called the Geo Profitability Score (GPS) Report, to provide clients with hard data that show the parts of their service areas generating the highest ticket values.

How The Report Works

The report is broken into green, yellow and red zones. Green zones feature zip codes with higher-than-average booked calls and ticket value. Yellow-zoned neighborhoods are at the median, and red zones are below-average ticket values. Data for these reports are pulled from ServiceTitan or whichever CRM tool the client uses. GPS Reports also do not prioritize high-income areas over low-income areas. Everything is based on ticket value data – not on home value. We’ve seen examples with customers in low-income areas having the highest ticket values – or examples of neighborhoods with older homes – not necessarily wealthy homes – having higher ticket values because their homes need repair.

A Solution Made For Home Service Companies

The idea behind this tool was sparked by a conversation with one of Leadhub’s longest-running clients. They mentioned how they were booking so many calls to one neighborhood, to the point of wanting to focus on this neighborhood with their marketing efforts. This prompted us to investigate what type of tickets those appointments were generating. Turns out they were mostly low-value tickets, meaning the client was spending a large amount of time servicing (and wanting to market to) a neighborhood that wasn’t producing revenue.

GPS Reports help prevent that. They provide insight that can be used in several different ways:

  • Helps a call center prioritize calls at peak times to appointments in zones with higher ticket values
  • Allows for clients to focus training on turning yellow zone call ticket values into above-average ticket values
  • Allows a marketing partner to identify frequently booked areas with high ticket values or areas with high ticket values, in general, to focus marketing efforts
  • Allows a marketing partner to crank up marketing spend in areas with low call volume but high ticket values

“When we’re going to zip code target or radius target for certain campaigns – when we’re spending money to generate good leads – this is where we want the maximum type of lead opportunity,” said Ryan Schilling, Leadhub’s chief experience officer. “This provides us a higher likelihood that the lead is going to generate an above-average ticket value. It’s a smart spend and beneficial to the bottom line.”

Results That Matter

These GPS Reports have already produced “A-ha” moments with clients. Beyond clients who thought they were crushing certain neighborhoods only to find it was purely call volume and not ticket value, we’ve also had clients realize they’re making a large percentage of top-line revenue from an area with few calls.

The tool is updated every quarter to ensure we have enough data to know if anything has changed. Leadhub also generates a GPS Report in the onboarding process of a new client. This way we can tap into our industry experience with new customers right off the bat instead of starting from square one.

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