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Absolute Comfort Air

Absolute Comfort Air’s Organic Conversions Increased By +91.89%

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The Company: Absolute Success For Absolute Comfort Air

Absolute Comfort Air is a locally-owned and operated HVAC company based in Georgia. Established in 2004, they offer a full range of heating, cooling and air quality services. Their mission is to provide reliable, high-quality and affordable solutions to ensure the comfort and well-being of their customers.

With a deep understanding of the local climate and residents' needs, Absolute Comfort Air strives to exceed expectations through exceptional service, transparent pricing and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

The Objective

Leadhub and Absolute Comfort Air share a journey of growth — one that’s not uncommon in the industry. Absolute Comfort Air partnered with Leadhub years ago, leaving for a short hiatus only to discover that their marketing results were not as powerful as they had been with our team. When they returned as clients in the fall of 2023, they were determined to reclaim their organic standing and performance.

Their keyword rankings had decreased by 61.78%, averaging only a few hundred impressions each week. They needed an organic SEO infusion to bring them back to their former glory — and Leadhub proudly welcomed our partner with open arms!

Leadhub’s Strategy

The first thing Leadhub’s SEO team concluded about Absolute Comfort Air was that Google had lost interest and deemed their content not important enough to rank highly. We knew that a content facelift was needed!

Leadhub methodically identified which keywords were suffering and started making changes to support more helpful content around those topics. We optimized nearly every service page and began adding additional content to assist in moving Absolute Comfort Air back up the page.

The Results

By increasing the quality of the content, the relevancy of the topics and the technical aspects of the pages (like page titles and meta descriptions), the site began to perform once more.


By bringing the content up to Google’s ever-rising standards and expectations, the site gained 16.31 visibility points to land on a staggering 31.36% visibility.


In the first six months back with our team, Absolute Comfort Air’s impressions skyrocketed. They increased by +115.48% — a significant difference compared to the previous six months of data.


In addition to more impressions, in the past 6 months, organic engaged sessions have increased 117.95% and organic conversions (now called key events) increased 91.89%.


In the time that Absolute Comfort Air did not work with Leadhub, they unfortunately lost 61.78% of their keyword rankings. Luckily, they have now boosted back up 113.11%, recovering rapidly in their keyword rankings.

Not only has their percentage of ranking keywords increased, but the amount that are ranking in the top three positions on the search engine results page has increased significantly as well.

All of these results combine to paint a picture of true recovery and strength for Absolute Comfort Air. They’re able to appear to their local homeowners when they’re needed and convert more quickly over time.

Real Results For Real Contractors — Leadhub Takes The Lead

When our team promises to make changes where they have the most impact, we’re not kidding. We know how to find and implement the tactics that will be most effective to success. We’re honored to be the solution for Absolute Comfort Air and look forward to more stellar success with their dynamic team!

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