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American Water

American Water's Organic Conversions Increased By +7.29%

The Company

A Round Rock fixture since 1987, American Water is committed to improving water quality for the local community. As an authorized Kinetico dealer, they offer premium water softening and filtration systems, ensuring residents and businesses alike have access to the purest water possible.

The Challenge

American Water partnered with Leadhub with vibrant branding, a strong vision and established operations. The only thing missing was performance. Their visibility had plateaued at only 1% and they weren’t impressed with their organic conversions. They needed a new plan to bring their brand to the next level.

Luckily, Leadhub pitched a strategic plan with multiple prongs to boost their performance! Below are some of the most impactful changes we made to affect organic performance.

Website Design

Leadhub designed a brand new website using our original Griffin WordPress template. Significant research allows our website design to be easier to navigate and faster to convert — an innovative approach to home services website design. Implementing this design with the custom American Water brand resulted in a beautiful and functional website for potential customers.

Content Buildout

In addition to the strategic website development, we also optimized all the current and new content to be more purposeful. Our team performed a blog audit to remove all the underperforming pieces of content that were slowing down the site. We then incorporated more keywords and deeper content into the new site, making sure both products and customer pain points were showcased.

Optimizing Organic Channels

Lastly, our team optimized two important channels for distributing organic content: social media and email marketing. We ensured their Facebook page was optimized with information and images, and then began launching posts on their behalf. We also revitalized their email marketing efforts, creating branded elements and regulating the frequency for consistency.

The Results

So, what did all our expertise amount to? 

Shortly after their new site launched in June 2023, we began to see positive results. Visibility began to tick up and conversions slowly started to rise. In a stroke of great fortune, Google decided to launch a major core update in August 2023, allowing the brand-new American Water site with excellent technical SEO and thorough development strategies to benefit.

Organic SEO

In the following year, they skyrocketed. Where they once rested at about 1% visibility, they climbed all the way to 23.9% visibility - far outpacing the next closest competitor by more than 15 points!

Our new set of optimized, relevant keywords helped move their rankings up the page as well. American Water began with only two or three keywords ranking in the top three positions on the page. A year later, they boast an impressive average of 15 high-conversion keywords in the top three positions alone.

Overall, their organic conversion rate increased by 7.29% in that period. The Leadhub team reduced sessions that were not contributing to real conversions, driving every percent of that 7.29% increase as more qualified leads to the website.

Social Media & Email

With more consistent, branded and relevant content being showcased, American Water’s conversions just from social media increased by 82%. This jump is a massive win considering social media can be a very unreliable source of conversions in this industry!

In addition, conversions from emails increased by 172%. Changing the design, copy and timing of these emails worked tremendously to reach more engaged contacts and convert their interest to the site.

American Water & Leadhub: A Partnership For The Books!

Partnering with teams like American Water to drive performance increases and clarify metrics that make the most impact is why Leadhub is so passionate about what we do. In just a year, American Water gained the dynamic website its brand deserves and reached more and more homeowners in need through organic channels. Marketing designed for water softening companies works - marketing designed by Leadhub works!

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