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JunkStart Junk Removal

From 0 Top Ranking Keywords To 75+

junkstart's mascot, a black lab named boone, sitting beside black, white and orange branded junk removal truck

The Company: A Fresh Start For JunkStart

JunkStart Junk Removal is a junk removal company located in San Antonio, TX. They assist customers in removing a wide range of belongings from their homes or workspaces, allowing for healthier, clutter-free living. By making the debris and junk removal process simple, quick and painless, they embody a spirit of transformation and change for local San Antonio home and business owners.

The Objective

When JunkStart partnered with Leadhub in the late fall of 2022, the company was still in the development phase. Leadhub was able to start working on the marketing strategy and full brand package for JunkStart from the ground floor. As our internal teams created a plan to build a website, campaigns and content that would convert, we also assisted in getting the operations of the business up and running.

The main objective was to help this vibrant new business gain traction in the community, get leads for their services and grow over the coming months and years.

The Results

Each of the Leadhub teams contributes toward JunkStart’s success in a huge way. We’re going to cover some of the biggest impacts on JunkStart from several different lenses.

Branding Package

Utilizing the freshly designed logo, our innovative design team and fantastic vendor relations, Leadhub helped outfit the new JunkStart team with branded polos, t-shirts and hats — as well as business cards to hand out on the job! Our design team created the truck wraps to ensure the team’s equipment was bright and branded as well. Once the people and trucks were taken care of, JunkStart entered the industry with a bang. 

Print Collateral

Over the course of JunkStart’s partnership with Leadhub, we’ve also designed and printed several pieces of marketing collateral to showcase JunkStart and gain some brand awareness in the area. 

With bright yard signs, door hangers and flyers peppering their local neighborhoods, JunkStart’s local recognition has grown massively.

SEO Growth

The JunkStart website officially launched in December of 2022, and it takes about 6 months for Google to even crawl and consider ranking a new domain. It’s right around this timeline that we see some traction gained in visibility. From that 6 month mark in June 2023 to about 9 months later, JunkStart gained 12.55% visibility. 

graph from 12/07/2022 to 03/11/2024 showing how junkstart junk removal's visibility has grown from 0% to 12.55% during their time with Leadhub so far

When it comes to impressions and clicks, JunkStart has also seen a steady upward trend since its launch. In 2023 alone, they received 1,690+ clicks to their website from organic SEO and over 300,000 impressions!

In fact, organic traffic is responsible for nearly 10% of JunkStart’s conversions!

In addition, JunkStart’s keyword rankings have seen tremendous growth. From 0 keywords ranking on any page at the time of site launch, they gained more than 75 keywords ranking in the top 1-3 positions on the SERPs in less than 18 months with Leadhub.

graph from 12/07/2022 to 03/11/2024 showing how junkstart junk removal's keyword ranking distribution has grown during their time with Leadhub so far

The trajectory of JunkStart’s organic growth is a fantastic example of how strategy and patience produce strong results over time. In SEO, time is the name of the game. With both technical SEO practices and deep content strategy, organic performance can have a huge impact on the success of a business. JunkStart has allowed Leadhub to invest in building up an organic presence over time, and the results are as positive as they come!

PPC Performance

For a new paid media campaign, speed and accuracy tend to surface as the top concerns for a new business like JunkStart. The Leadhub team rose to the occasion, learning quickly which campaigns were performing and making smart adjustments to boost performance. Leadhub managed paid media campaigns for Google Ads, Google Local Service Ads, Facebook and TikTok.

Google Ads 

Over the course of one year, between February 2023 and February 2024, we were able to nearly double JunkStart’s conversions while cutting their spend in half. 

Two notable campaigns proved to be the most effective: the junk removal service campaign and the branded campaign.

The campaign targeting junk removal as a service yielded nearly 800 conversions with an impressive 12.69% conversion rate. With 38,752 impressions and 6,299 clicks, the campaign demonstrated significant reach and engagement. The Click-Through Rate (CTR) of 16.25% suggests highly relevant ad copy, compelling offers, targeted keyword selection and strong ad extensions. 

Despite being a new brand, JunkStart's Branded campaign performed well, generating conversions at an average CPA of $49.01. This showcases the effectiveness of our brand awareness efforts through TikTok ads and Facebook ads.


Leadhub diversified JunkStart’s paid strategy to ensure multiple channels were contributing to their success. Our GLS CPA averaged around $60 over the course of '23. In the summer months, we saw an increase in performance where we had 100+ conversions each month at around a $50 CPA. 

Facebook & TikTok Ads

Because JunkStart was a new brand, we started aggressively on FB to help build brand awareness. We gathered close to 500,000 impressions in the first 4 months before reducing spend, ending up with 1.8 million impressions in the year. FB also drove 107 leads over the year!

On TikTok, we ran a lead generation campaign, repurposing our organic posts into ads. Our top-performing ad had 776k impressions! Our total impressions over the year surpassed 2 million and our conversions reached 186. 

Social Media Trailblazing

The Leadhub team made some innovative and creative decisions to build JunkStart’s TikTok presence — and it paid off! Within 3 months of launching organic and paid TikTok material in February 2023, we generated 100 leads. 2 weeks later, the account surpassed 1,000 followers. By the end of that same month, we earned 1 million impressions.

In the first year, TikTok generated more than 539 website clicks. Each quarter the account receives over 250,000 video views and reaches more than 195,000 audience members. A significant number of leads earned for JunkStart specifically originate from TikTok or recount to the company that they saw JunkStart’s TikToks and remembered them. 

Even customers mention to the team members on jobs that they watch the TikToks!

Leadhub & JunkStart’s Powerful Partnership

The Leadhub team is so honored to be a part of the inception and growth of JunkStart in the first years of business. With such a vibrant, authentic brand driven by excellent people like those at JunkStart paired with the strategic minds and tireless energies of the team at Leadhub, great results are a win for everyone!

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