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Kinetico Quality Water Systems

Kinetico Increased Web Traffic by +112%

one clean, clear glass washed using water from a kinetic water softener beside a clean, cloudy glass washed with hard water

The Company

Kinetico Quality Water Systems provides water softeners and other water treatment systems to San Antonio-area homes and businesses. In addition to being a top-selling Kinetico franchise in the nation, the family-owned business participates in a number of clean water community outreach initiatives.

The Objective

Kinetico previously operated its own Google Ads campaigns with the help of Google Ads customer representatives. When Kinetico first approached Leadhub in 2012, they wanted to improve click quality and reduce cost-per-acquisition while increasing email form submissions and phone calls.

The Results

A website redesign focused on improving CTAs (calls to action), keyword-specific content and improved load time. Meanwhile, Leadhub worked with Kinetico to restructure their Google Ads and Bing Ads campaigns to provide more bidding flexibility. Finally, content marketing efforts helped solidify their position as a top-ranking water softener dealer for queries such as “water softener” and “water softener san antonio.”

  • Cost Per Conversion: 59% decrease in cost per conversion
  • Visibility: +112% increase in monthly web traffic
  • Rankings: #1 ranking on Google SERPs for competitive keywords

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