Click to Call Snippets on Mobile Search Results

Over the past couple of weeks, Google has implemented numerous updates to their search results. Review snippets dropped nearly 15%, as reported by Dr. Pete of Moz and Search Engine Roundtable during the middle of February. Then, Google confirmed that desktop search results would no longer display ads on the right, making the top 3 (sometimes 4) ad positions more competitive than ever.

Now, it appears that Google is testing a call snippet in organic listings on mobile search results.

Click to Call Snippets on Mobile Search Results

So far, there doesn’t appear to be a correlation between structured data and this call snippet, as several of the results displaying the call snippet don’t have structured markup on their site at all. Additionally, if structured data was used to trigger the snippet, we would see it triggered more often on Page 1, where most results are decked to the nines with schema markup.

Naturally, our next question is: Where is Google going to display the data captured by this call snippet?

Our guess is Google Search Console. If that is indeed the case, it will be interesting to see if Google implements a way to track conversions based on Google Search Console data.

What are you thoughts on this feature?

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Kerry Alan Hettick

I am looking to have my number show as a call to action, but cant find the information on how to. Can you share?


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