Fortunately, social media are no longer viewed as a “kid’s fad.” Two-thirds of internet users have social media accounts. That is about two billion people. This is a huge market to reach, but, amazingly, some companies are still skeptical about putting their business in the tech world. So here are four benefits of social media.

  1. Connections Are Made

When a company presents itself on social media, it is giving customers a chance to connect with the brand. When a connection is made, consumers are not only more likely to return to your site but also recognize the brand itself and continue to use it.

  1. Brand Awareness and Loyalty

Each post on any social platform is a chance for consumers to engage with your brand. Once your company builds a following, there will be able to interact with all of your current, new and old customers. There are so many opportunities to share things that can give your followers a chance to react. These positive reactions may lead to website traffic and successful content marketing.

  1. Social Listening

Social media platforms also enable social listening. Your consumers are liking and commenting on things of value to your business. There is so much customer data to be gathered and interpreted in order to make intelligent decisions for your company social and marketing strategies.

  1. Increased Site Traffic

The most logical benefit of having social media is to increase traffic to your website. Social media give companies a chance to link back to their sites. Also, social is having a stronger influence on SEO as search evolves – so more engagements could help in the rankings.

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