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Average G+ User Spends 7 Minutes on Site

By Leadhub
Posted on May 10th, 2013
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A lot has been written about the disparity of Google’s numbers regarding Google+ usage and everyone else’s numbers regarding Google+ usage. Add one more disagreement to the mix. Nielsen, in numbers provided to Mashable, said the average G+ user spent six minutes and 47 seconds on in March. Just to compare, Nielsen says the average Facebook user spent nearly seven hours on during the same month. Neither number represents traffic via apps. As you can imagine, Google says Nielsen’s numbers are way off from what its data show. As Mashable points out, Google’s data may include time spent on other Google platforms like Gmail and YouTube. On the bright side for Google, the 00:06:47 spent on the site is up from three minutes in February. And Facebook’s average time was down a bit. So there’s that.
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