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How to Create a Facebook Ad Campaign

By Leadhub
Posted on October 10th, 2017
facebook ads dashboard

Facebook ad campaigns are a quick – and highly targeted – way for businesses to reach people on Facebook. Whether it’s to add followers, drive traffic to your site or increase conversations, Facebook has a template ready for you. Let’s walk through the steps of creating an ad campaign on Facebook so you can build on your social media marketing efforts.

First, log into Facebook and go to the business page you’d like to advertise. On the left-hand side, you should see a button for Promote. Clicking that button should bring up a few options for marketing objectives. The main four – Get More People to See Your Posts, Promote Your Business Locally, Promote Your Page, and Get More Bookings – will appears first. Select an objective for your ad.

From there, Facebook will ask you to set an audience for your ad. This section is pretty self-explanatory. You have the ability to cater your ad to the audience you want (test different targeting options, and remember Facebook can get pretty specific when targeting people’s interests), when you want it shown and how it will be presented to the user. You also set how much you are going to spend on the ad on a daily or lifetime basis.

The final step is to figure out what you want the ad to look like. For most ads, there are four design options: Carousel, Single Image, Single Video and Slideshow. This section is where the text and graphics are added and where you can insert links. After this is done you can preview the ad. Facebook has a feature that lets you see how the ad looks on different devices such as desktop or mobile. It is important for the ad to look good in every way the user may see it – and remember the majority of users use Facebook on mobile.

After this is finished, you can place your order and set up payment with a credit card, PayPal or online banking account. From there you can use the Ads Manager to create a different campaign or manage your Facebook ad and track its success.

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