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Instagram Stories vs Snapchat for Brands

By Leadhub
Posted on January 2nd, 2018
instagram vs snapchat app icons
The release of Instagram Stories in August 2016 raised a lot of eyebrows. For most, it looked like a direct rip-off of Snapchat. But there are enough differences for businesses and brands to stop and ponder which one is better for their specific needs. Instagram Stories What's to know about using Instagram Stories for branding? Target Existing Followers The biggest advantage for most brands considering Instagram Stories is it builds off your already established Instagram audience. Unlike Snapchat, where you might have to build an audience from scratch, many brands have been on Instagram for years. Easy for users to find Instagram Stories show up at the top of the Instagram app, meaning they are super easy to find. Instagram also has an explore section for Instagram Stories. This means, depending on views and what people are looking for, your story can pop up on users’ Explore tab. This can expose people to your content, which can create more views. Snapchat Stories Snapchat is a social platform that is, to put it lightly, very popular with younger audiences. This app reaches 41% of all 18-34 year olds in the United States. Here are some features that set it apart. Screenshot Notifications The screenshot feature on Snapchat gives a notification when someone has taken a screenshot of a story. This allows for a company to receive some feedback from its followers. Instagram’s story feature doesn't notify the user if someone has screenshotted their story - only who views it. SnapCode Snapchat’s SnapCode feature allows for easy adding of new Snapchat accounts. You can instantly follow a Snapchat account with a scan of the specific QR code. This is very user friendly and a creative way to get people to follow a social account. Geofilters Brands can create a customized filter to put on snaps around their office or events. This means those snapping from those locations can help promote your brand for you. It is up to the business to develop a strategy to best work for either platform. By knowing the differences between the two apps - you will better understand how to direct your time and money.
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