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Social Media Best Practices for Home Service Companies

By Leadhub
Posted on May 7th, 2019
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When it comes to the social media marketing for home service companies, it can be a pretty competitive field. To stay findable, relevant and grow your following, check out these tips on best social media practices. Optimize your accounts Whether someone is searching for your services on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, they’re looking for details about your company. It’s incredibly important to make sure your social profiles are properly optimized with information like your full company name, phone number, address and company website. On Facebook, providing the address on a business page is what activates the map on your page and allows users to check in at your offices. Stay consistent Your company should have a developed voice and brand - so stick to it. It’s what your customers and followers know, so don’t confuse them by changing it up all of a sudden. Your consistency in voice and brand can be seen in small ways such as captions, phrases and hashtags used. But, it can also be highlighted in large ways, such as ads, DMs and replies to customers. If you stay consistent with your company’s values, voice and brand, your followers will take note of that - and your social media statistics will prove it. Engage with your customers We often times focus solely on the occasional customers saying bad things about your company or services on social. But don’t forget about your fans. If your customers choose to go onto social media to talk about your great services, reply to them, like their posts and let them know you appreciate them. They did just advertise for you, for free. Sending real responses rather than automated responses on social media sends a sign to your followers that it’s a real person behind the account, and that you want to help. So, be sure that you are listening to your followers, responding to them and engaging with them to keep them coming back for more. Are you ready to be findable on social media? Call Leadhub so we can help.
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