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Top 4 Effective Out of the Box Link Building Strategies

By Leadhub
Posted on March 31st, 2017
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When it comes to link building strategies in your content marketing plan, it can be a tiring process to find an effective and scalable way to build links (particularly for an SEO agency). Take a look at my four most reliable out of the box link building strategies I use every day to not only increase brand awareness for our clients but boost SEO rankings to increase sales and a client's online presence.

Out of the box link building strategies

1) Link building with infographics

Link building with infographics has been an effective link building strategy in the realm of SEO for many years. However, the trick to a successful infographic link building campaign is not only picking a topic relevant to your niche but choosing one that also has an interesting topic with useful information. Once you have an infographic put together, building backlinks are as simple as reaching out to bloggers and submitting it to directories.

2) Ask for product reviews

If you are a company that offers a product or service, consider offering a product or service in exchange for a review. Bloggers across all industries eat these sort of campaigns up because, to be blunt about it, people REALLY enjoy getting things for free. What better way to get your product out there in a positive way than with the power of influencers. They key to success when it comes to asking for product reviews, however, is to offer something of value to your chosen influencers that both stays within a niche that are both relatable to your company's image but also sends the message you would like to portray to potential customers.

3) Reclaim unlinked mentions

Considered as one of the oldest tricks in the book of white hat SEO, reclaiming unlinked mentions across the web can be an excellent and efficient way to build backlinks to your website. Reclaiming links, whether they be from broken links, links leading to the wrong URL, or unlinked brand mentions, can be a very useful technique for company's or brands who are active online. The best part is that reclaiming unlinked mentions also works for offline marketing as well. In comparison to other link building methods, reclaiming unlinked mentions not only has a higher link acquisition conversion rate but they're relatively easy to request because whoever linked to you already has the trust and faith in your company.

4) Ask for an interview

Whether you're a well-established company or one that's up and coming, asking for an interview on various influencer blogs, news networks, and other online portals is an excellent way to build backlinks effectively. The reason being is that you're not only building a backlink to your site, but you're effectively able to market what you do and what service/product you offer the world to an entirely new market. If you do this correctly and ask for interviews to a niche related site that has a similar demographic as the demographic your company is going after, you're effectively getting Grade A advertising for little to no cost with a highly targeted and qualified audience. What are some out of the box link building strategies that you find effective in your online content marketing campaign?
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