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Why Is Our Content Not Being Seen On Facebook?

By Leadhub
Posted on September 4th, 2019
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The past couple of years have brought a lot of changes to our technology-driven world. Some of these changes were positive, and some were not so popular. One of these changes, however, caused big problems for a lot of brands concerned with social media marketing - the continued updates to the Facebook algorithm. What is the Facebook algorithm? The Facebook algorithm is something you’ve probably heard of, but what exactly is it? It’s a set of calculations that picks up on what an individual is interacting and engaging with the most on their Facebook newsfeed, and then, in turn, shows the user the most relevant content on their newsfeed. How does it work? The algorithm looks at a lot of things that an individual engages with on Facebook, but focuses on these items in particular: How much an individual likes, comments or shares a person or brand’s status or photo, how often an individual shares a link on their page or through Messenger and what type of brands the individual is interacting with on their newsfeed. There are thousands of things that go into the algorithm, but these are some of the highlights. This is what is referred to as a ‘meaningful interaction,’ as Facebook calls it – and it leads to what you see, who you see it from and when you see it. What does this mean for my brand? For a lot of brands, this most recent update of the Facebook algorithm was not ideal. However, finding out what works best to reach your audience can help give you a good shot at being ‘seen’ on a user’s newsfeed. Here are some of our top tips for rebuilding your brand with the updated algorithm. 1. Create content that targets your audience: Give the people what they want. If you know your target audience, you should know what type of content is the most engaging for them. 2. Try Facebook Live videos: Live videos have high interaction and engagement rates, so trying this out may give your organic post an upper hand. 3. Get involved with Facebook groups: Facebook groups are a good way for your clients to talk to each other, so start one up and encourage your clients to get involved with it. The algorithm can be tricky to work with as a brand, but it is doable. If you’re still having trouble being ‘seen’ on social, call Leadhub today, so we can help you become findable.
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