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Using LinkedIn and Instagram For Your Business

By Leadhub
Posted on December 30th, 2013
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This month I had the privilege of attending the 2013 Dallas Digital Summit. There were great speakers, special guests (Wozniak, Zuckerberg, Herd, Siri and more!) and an abundance of information. Bringing hundreds of like minds together showed me how wonderfully diverse the world of Internet marketing is right now. Women and men, both young and old, flocked in to the Irving Convention Center to fervently record and live tweet every gem of information. It also shed some light on several questions I have long asked myself in this career. So I present to you some Internet marketing company insights courtesy of the Dallas Digital Summit.

1. Instagram is not to be ignored.

67% of top brands use Instagram. These same top brands, like Mercedes Benz, Starbucks, Nike and Target, are connecting with an extremely important client base - millennials. Social media platforms give their users the chance to go behind the scenes in the daily lives and operations of the people and products they are interested in. This accessibility is extremely popular in today’s tech-savvy world. Instagram and Twitter take that accessibility a step further by giving your business a voice and personality. Why is Instagram better? People love pictures and spend almost twice the amount of time on Instagram that they do on Twitter. Want more?

  • Hashtags and searchable keywords can even add an extra boost to your company’s link power.
  • Contests that encourage user interaction are easily implemented through Instagram. Check out Mercedes Benz’s “Take the Wheel” campaign.

We’re living in a visually driven world. Jump in with both feet and join instagram. It never hurts to take a pretty picture. Which is precisely why you can now follow the inner goings-on of leadhub from your own mobile device! Follow us on Instagram! Username: leadhub

2. LinkedIn

The best description of LinkedIn I came across during the Digital Summit was this:

“Facebook is a college party, Twitter is an office party and LinkedIn is a professional networking event.”

They couldn’t be more right! While many people have written LinkedIn off as only a resource for those seeking employment, businesses in-the-know are using their profiles to further their brand. A few great tips, from none other than the @linkedinqueen herself, are:

  • Beef up your employee pages. When a potential client or customer looks at your company page, they will inevitably click on any or all of your employee pages. Don’t forget to post projects and examples of your excellent work when you can. Endorsements never hurt either! Connect with your clients and co-workers for potential endorsements.
  • Post! What’s wrong with more solid links going back toward your website? Send traffic back to your blog or news page by posting at least once each work week. Bonus: Optimize your headlines for search the same way that you would outside of LinkedIn.
  • Money breeds trust. It’s true. The more expensive the item, the higher quality you assume it to be. With LinkedIn, you are connected to business owners and entrepreneurs, not middle and high school students. LinkedIn takes away personal status updates, unnecessary photo albums and unprofessional posts from friends. It’s a strictly professional resource and by having a solid presence on it, you’re holding yourself and your company to a higher standard.

You can follow our quest for an optimized LinkedIn profile @

While you get your Instagram and LinkedIn up, running and optimized, I’ll get to work on the second post of Internet marketing insights from the 2013 Dallas Digital Summit. Check back soon for new insights on video creation, Twitter and content marketing!

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