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Reputation Management Best Practices

By Leadhub
Posted on July 9th, 2019
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What exactly is reputation management, you might ask? Reputation management is considered the act of crafting specific strategies to help increase positive brand awareness of your company. In plain talk, it usually boils down to taking care of your online reviews, among other things. As a small business, it can be rough to start the process of building up reviews. So here are a few easy ways to earn quality reviews and the best practices for responding to them.

Just Ask Nicely

Your loyal customers are your loyal customers for a reason. It never hurts to provide your customers with an easy way to go online and leave an honest review. If you don’t want to be too straightforward, however, ask in an online email, social media post or at the bottom of their receipt. The more positive reviews your business has from pre-existing customers, the better.

Respond Professionally

It’s never a good feeling to see a negative review for your company, especially when you feel as though it is not an accurate representation of your business. The best thing you can do is respond professionally to the upset customer, and try to handle any frustration or question they may have. Remember, this isn’t just about dealing with an angry customer. Other potential customers are watching and reading that response you leave to see how your company handles situations. Being proactive is a great way to manage your reputation for any future customers scrolling through reviews.

If you are looking for any additional assistance when it comes to reputation management, contact our team here at Leadhub. We can help you navigate the choppy waters of online reviews and build that positive online reputation of your company.

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